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Veicon Technology Adds Print Cost Recovery to its
Integrated Public Access Solution for Libraries

Beaverton Oregon - Consistent to their integration philosophy, Veicon can now offer print cost recovery solutions with the flexibility of "pay for print" hardware and software options to integrate with the multi-patented V-Link solution. This announcement confirms Veicon's goal of providing a turnkey integrated public access solution for libraries.

Veicon introduced V-Print in response to customers looking for ways to recover expenses and reduce the staff involvement associated with high volumes of printing in public libraries. The cost of printer maintenance along with the time involved in managing collections and printing disputes can become staggering and as more libraries are faced with budget constraints, creative solutions such as V-Print are becoming a necessity. By combining Veicon's proven and affordable thin-client solution with a self service print cost recovery system, costs and staff time is saved. For a typical library, V-Print PCR pays for itself within the first year of purchase.

"Paper and toner waste from patrons printing unintended long documents disappears. Just as significant, library staff intervention is lessoned when using V-Print. Veicon's focus for the library has been to bring more effective and efficient technology for the public access setting and that's what V-Print accomplishes" states Stewart Bartlett, VP Sales & Marketing.

Veicon was recently awarded a contract by the City of Hillsboro, Oregon, to set up coin and bill-based PCR systems at both the Shute Park Public Library and Tanasbourne Public Library. Not only does this system recover costs of printing and reduce staff intervention, it also encourages patrons to be wary of what and how much they are printing. Many Veicon customers including Mike Smith, Assistant Library Director at Hillsboro Public Library comments: "Patrons print out web pages not realizing they are linked to a hundred other pages. This not only binds up the print queue but the patron is then faced with a hefty bill for pages they didn't want to begin with.

Veicon's PCR solution offers four payment exchange options: Stored value card systems, online account management system, coin / bill based units while some Veicon customers find it sufficient to have a software-only system and take payments manually while retaining the benefits of lessened waste paper and setting patron expectations. Customized software packages are selected based on customer requirements. Veicon will gladly integrate V-Link with PCR solutions a library may already have in place.

Veicon Technology, Inc., was founded in 1998. Its flagship V-Link Internet access technology has been issued a U.S. patent (US Patent No. 5,958,007 and other patents pending) Veicon Technology, Inc. Phone: (888) 645-2288 or (503) 645-1551, Fax: (503) 645-2072. More information is available at

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