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Veicon Technology Announces Extended Life Program
(VELP) for Gates PCs

Veicon's VELP program converts Gates PCs to V-Link stations

Beaverton Oregon - Gates computers placed in libraries around the U.S are nearing the end of their useful lives as PCs. To stretch the technology life cycle and save libraries valuable resources Veicon has introduced VELP, a low cost program that converts Gates computers to a network of V-Link terminals for Internet access, checking email, and using MS Office tools.

For many years, Veicon has promoted the benefits of thin client technologies: increased security and reliability, reduced upfront and ongoing costs, as well as time saving centralized administration. Veicon now offers a unique way for libraries between budget cycles to easily afford a thin client upgrade by utilizing existing public access computers. The solution entails converting one PC into a client server with the remaining PCs converted to V-Link thin clients.

The conversion solves problems common to PCs both new and old. Hard drive failures become a non-issue, maintenance becomes centralized, no virus protection is required, and automatic session login and logoff clears all traces of patron activity and resets all settings to defaults. Veicon Technology will install patented V-Link software on the server and quickly transform remaining PCs to thin clients remotely.

V-Link terminals employ Veicon's patented software technology that provides unmatched file system protection, remote administration, and both user and system level security. V-Link systems require significantly lower maintenance and provide greater security for both the users and the network than standard personal computers.

Veicon Technology, Inc., founded in 1998, is a Beaverton-based high-tech software and turnkey system company specializing in public Internet access technology and systems. Its flagship V-Link Internet access technology has been issued multiple U.S. patents, and Veicon is a world leader in innovative, secure, low-maintenance Internet and library public access and resource management solutions. Based on Veicon's unique technology based solutions coupled with exceptional customer service philosophy, Veicon's customer base has grown to more than a dozen states in five years. Veicon Technology, Inc. is located at 15201 NW Greenbrier Parkway, Bldg B5, Beaverton, OR 97006, U.S.A. Phone: (888) 645-2288 or (503) 645-1551, Fax: (503) 645-2072. More information is available at

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